Simple is More


Hi everyone! Summer is almost here in the Netherlands. So, today's post is about summer inspiration and it's about back to simple. I always prefer to wear skirt rather than short pants/denim during summer. I think it's quite simple and easy to wear. This time I wear a short baby dress or like a jumpsuit (i dont know actually what to call for this one) and combine it with black tanktop. It looks really cute I think :) I mean I got this dress like 15 years ago  from my aunt as a present from Netherlands (back then I was still in Indonesia) and I knew that I can wear this when I grew up. So, I keep it until today and yes I can wear it now eventhough it looks shorter than before. After combine it with the black top, purse and flat shoes, I am totally happy! I hope you like it!

Neon Pink for Summer!


Honestly, pink is not my favorite color at all. I feel like my skin tone is not match with pink color especially neon pink! However when I saw this pink long skirt for the fist time, I love it! I think this is the first pink skirt I ever bought. I supposed to wear this skirt for my cousin's wedding, but time was not friendly in the past. Then I just keep it in my closet until I have an idea to wear it for this summer. Even though it's a little bit glamour because of the shinny color, but why not? So, this time I combine it with crop tank-top in black and it works! I love the result and make it more simple. I hope you like it :)

Holiday Inspiration


May is here!! It means that holiday is coming up guys. I can't wait for summer holiday and already start to think what I am gonna wear or what I am gonna bring during the holiday. So here are the wish list to have for my summer holiday! Really essential!

Summer is hot and hot! Sun is shinny and we are ready to wear anything that can show part of our body. Short pants, bikini, sandals, hat, sun-glasses,t-shirt, and bag are the most important items for summer. What do you think guys? Well, I believe it's still gonna be windy in the evening, so I suggest to prepare leather jacket or denim jacket instead.