New Hair - New Style


After summer holiday, I decided to cut my hair and giving a new fresh style.  So, I cut it really short and I feel great. I mean, I always have a long hair and sometimes don't know what to do with that especially when the bottom hair are starting to get dry. And I just find out when I have short hair, it looks more healthy and shinny too. Also, I actually donate my hair for children or woman who has cancer. I donate my hair to haarstichting. So, if you guys might want to cut your hair and donate it to them, it would be great! Then, last week, I tried to dye my hair cause too much grey hair and looks really boring. So, I tried blonde color to my hair and guess what, the color is just unexpected. I don't know if it's good on me or not but at least I got several compliments. What do you think? I hope you like it too :)

Before I cut my hair

after cutting my hair

Back from Holiday


I am finally back again after my holiday and continue my blog. I had amazing holiday with my best boyfriend and visiting my family in Indonesia. Before that, we went to Singapore as well to enjoy the country and view. We have been several amazing places and different kind of cultures too in Singapore and Indonesia. In Singapore, most of the time we enjoy the city, view and history like museum. Then in Indonesia, we went to Lombok to see the island and the rest we just enjoy the city and history indeed of Yogyakarta, Semarang and Jakarta. So today's post, I just want to share some pictures during my holiday and I hope everyone enjoy your summer holiday!



Simple is More


Hi everyone! Summer is almost here in the Netherlands. So, today's post is about summer inspiration and it's about back to simple. I always prefer to wear skirt rather than short pants/denim during summer. I think it's quite simple and easy to wear. This time I wear a short baby dress or like a jumpsuit (i dont know actually what to call for this one) and combine it with black tanktop. It looks really cute I think :) I mean I got this dress like 15 years ago  from my aunt as a present from Netherlands (back then I was still in Indonesia) and I knew that I can wear this when I grew up. So, I keep it until today and yes I can wear it now eventhough it looks shorter than before. After combine it with the black top, purse and flat shoes, I am totally happy! I hope you like it!