Should have in Spring Style 2015


March is really here! After my first post about SPRING INSPIRATION 2015 inspired by Victoria Beckham collection, make me wondering another inspiration for spring edition with casual style that I can wear it all the time. So, this time I got inspiration from WHOWHATWEAR and combining with one of my favorite brands from ZARA and  YES, I feel like getting ready for Spring season!

Casual Day!


Today's post is about casual look with my favorite top from Zara. Thanks for my bf for helping to take these pictures and made me laugh all the time. So most of my pictures are candid, but the result was not so bad and apperently I love it!

Sun is shining but sometimes the cloud turns into grey, so it is inpired me to combining those colors in my outfit. The top I got it from Zara when it was on sale and I love it so much because it makes me warm and gives simple-nice look. I was craving of oversize blouse and so lucky to have this one. I love the color as well and yes it is my fav color. Then this favorite jeans is really suit the top and my mood indeed. Besides, I never forget to have black touch into my outfit and then it is complete!

Goldish for Weekend


Fist of all Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it! Since weekend is here and I think alot of people still celebrating Chinese New Year during the weekend to meet their family and friends. This post about Goldish is inspired by Chinese New Year. Well, everybody always have the color of red and gold. This time, I just want to point out the gold color into my party outfit and mixing it with black color. I love the idea that I am able to break the rule in fashion and have my own style for special occasion. So, this weekend time for Gold and Black! Let's go party!