One of My Dreams in 2015


Hello readers.. how's your new days of 2015 going? I hope everything is all right and still enjoy the beautiful days. Todays post we are not gonna talk about beauty or fashion but something more about my other passion of being creative in home design and decor.

Recently, I am thinking about to add something on the wall of my bf apartment. I love being creative and unique especially when comes to interior design. Well I was wondering to keep all pictures/photos on the wall without frames since its gonna cost more. I like to keep it simple and let people enjoy our pictures too. So I start to search a lot of pictures on the internet to improve my idea.

Thanks for Pinterest and Yonasu ( Japaness website) to show this awesome idea. What do you think? I love it so much especialy when i can just hang my instax pics on the wall. I like the idea of putting all pictures together wihtout rules and the most important I could easily enjoy the pictures. So one of my resolution or my dream in 2015, I would like to have this wall and especially the inspiration of the picture below :

It is really beautiful and creative idea to keep all the memories together. I hope it's inpiring you too to decor your house or room or your favourite part of your house.

Have a good day all and dont't forget to dream and dream into the sky!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR all!!! A new chapter of 2015 has begun. I hope every body have a great moment this year and I wish this year will bring us alot of luck! especially for my self, hopefully this year will bring alot of luck for my career ( get a new job as soon as possible) and a healthy life :)
So did you make new resolution for this year already? I did and I wish I could accomplish new resolution for this year.

Well thanks for 2014! for gave me a bitter and sweet moments in my life. It was still beautiful and I am so thankful for that. The end of the year of 2014, I got wonderful surprise from my lovely bf and I did not expect that he gonna gave me this surprise on Christmas day. So last Christmas I had wonderful Santa! and here is my Instax mini 90!

I really want it since 2 years ago and I didn't think I got this one since there are alot of instax camera.
So in the end of the year I spend quite alot of pictures with my instax and finally I could enjoy the pictures directly without print it somewhere else :)

Thanks for the unforgatable memories in 2014 and here I come 2015!!! New hope, new adventure, new life and new spirit!!!

Ria xx

Natural Beauty Products


Hi all..
Winter is here and my skin is getting more dry dry and dry...
It is really annoying when you could't find a perfect skin care products on your budget and I have this problem almost every year. So, recently I read alot of articles about how to take care a dry skin face especially in winter time.
Owala....the natural beauty products has came accross my mind and I guess it's the perfect answer for me!

Thanks for Michelle Phan for giving me so much insipiration how to take care my skin face. One of her video gave me the idea of natural beauty with low budget indeed.  As i said before that I have really really super duper dry skin during winter time (cold weather), well here are my saviour :

1. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
3. Manuka Honey
4. Lemon
5. Sugar

So what do I do with all these products? here are some tips that might be useful for you too.

- Cleanser-
I am using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for my cleanser. Since I have a dry skin, it is very helpful not to use a cleanser with alcohol in it. So cleansing oil is the best cleanser for dry skin type. I guess for normal skin too since it's moisturize your skin. So i mix both oil and apply it everyday. So you just add 3/4 of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1/4 of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil then mix it well.

I use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for my weekly mask. It is very wonderful product and really moisturize your skin face and give you the look of shinny and bright. So, I am applying it every 2-3 times a week on my face and let it stay for 4-5 hours.

Since my face really needs alot of vitamin C, so I choose an exfoliating scrub made by concocting Lemon Juice and Sugar. The result? It's really amazing and makes your skin super soft and glowing. Mix a teaspon of sugar and mix it with juice of half a lemon, use your fingers to scrub all over the face.

 And how about Manuka Honey?what do I do about it?

Well I use the Manuka Honey for everything basically. Manuka honey can be use for cleanser by mixing it with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil , also for mask by applying the honey on the whole face and let it stay for 1/2 - 1 hour. Nevertheless, you can use this honey for scrub as well by mixing it with Sugar and scrub it all over the face.

What do you think about my natural beauty products idea? I think you can save alot of money and using natural product is always the best for healthy skin.
And remeber.. dont forget to drink enough water and eat healthy food!!

See you in the next story ;)

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